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Implant In A Day

Implant treatment in a day means you leave with your new tooth by having an operation on the day you come to our clinic. This is the ideal solution for patients who are told to wait months for implant treatment.

With this method, our patients do not have to wait without teeth during the bonding of the implant to the bone. They continue their lives with a beautiful tooth on the same day.

Implant treatment in one day means you leave with your permanent new teeth by having an operation on the day you come to our clinic. This implant treatment is an ideal solution for patients who are told to wait for months.

Bir Günde İmplant

Implant in one day usable for below case

  • One tooth implant
  • More than one implant
  • All mouth implant

With implant treatment in one day, Prof. Dr. Ömer Kutay offers an effective treatment method in a short time to both domestic and foreign patients. With this treatment, patients can continue their lives without being toothless from the first day of treatment. Today, you can get rid of waiting for months with the "Implant in a Day" treatment, which is one of the most preferred treatment methods for patients suffering from toothlessness.

Whose applicable implant in one day ?

Patients with loose-shaking and unsightly teeth, who neglected to be treated on time, benefit most from this treatment. These patients not only get rid of cavities and bacteria in their mouths after the treatment, but also have a new and attractive smile.

Other suitable patients for treatment are those who have difficulty in using their removable dentures, suffer from osteoporosis due to gingival diseases, genetically missing teeth, and those who have lost a tooth after an accident.

There is another important point that should not be forgotten that implant dental treatment may differ from person to person. This can only be determined by examining the person by the dentist.

This change affects the cost of the treatment as well as its duration. Implant treatment in One Day can only be approved after the dentist's control.

Bir Günde İmplant

Advantages of implant in one day

  • It reduces implant supported tooth application from 6-12 months to 1 day.
  • In the light of published scientific documents, it shows a similar level of success with conventional methods.
  • Patients report great improvements in chewing quality, confidence and comfort levels.
  • It saves the patient from the use of temporary prosthesis on the healing gingiva.
  • After the treatment, patients have almost no complaints.
  • Patients have a renewed self-confidence with their new smile.

İs implant treatment applicable in a one day ?

Prof. Dr. Ömer Kutay explains:

We see that the treatments in which implants and teeth are completed in one day have started to be applied frequently in recent years. Especially in patients whose oral conditions are suitable for this treatment and the amount of jawbone is sufficient, it is possible to apply the implants on the same day even if the teeth are extracted, and then the teeth can be placed on the same day.

In such cases, patients get rid of their inflamed and sick teeth in one day, and they continue their lives in a healthy way with a nice change when they get solid implants that they will use permanently on the same day and teeth are placed on them.

Steps of implant treatment

  • Step’s of planning implant If the result of the first examination reveals that the implant is a valid solution for you, the planning of the treatment stages is started. In implant planning, the appropriate implant type and working style are selected for you. For this, x-ray examinations, jaw patterns and sometimes tomographic examination may be required.
  • Execution of implant Implant operation is performed in two different ways, with or without stitches, and usually by anesthetizing the mouth. If the number of implants is large and the operation area is large, the treatment can also be performed under general anesthesia. Simple implant operations are similar to a tooth extraction. Pain is less and rare, usually not seen after the first day. As the result of implant placement surgery will affect the shape and comfort of the implant prosthesis, it requires experience, care and meticulous work.
  • Recovery time of implant According to our updated information, the time required for the implants to fuse with the bone is 3 months in the upper jaw and 2 months in the lower jaw. In cases where fixed teeth are placed on the implants immediately after placement, it is important for the patients to eat soft foods for 2 months, since the teeth are placed without waiting for 2-3 months.
  • Complication’s of implant Although rare, some complications may occur in every operation. Serious complications with implants almost never occur. Very rarely, temporary nerve damage that causes loss of sensation in the lower lip heals spontaneously in 3-4 weeks. The most common complication is implant loss, which occurs at a rate of 2%. Rarely, the implant may have to be removed as a result of failure of the implant to integrate with the bone.
  • Care of implant Implants should be cleaned by brushing with a toothbrush, just like teeth. Inadequate care can cause an infection around the implant. This shortens the life of the implant and may require surgery around the implant. Good oral care and going to the dentist every 6-12 months ensures that the implants are used for the maximum time.

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