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Faster Healing (PRF)

Stem cells form all organs and tissues in our body. Stem cells, which can transform into organs and tissues by dividing and renewing themselves in unlimited numbers, are used in the treatment of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, rheumatism, heart diseases and bone diseases. Our blood also acts as stem cells, and the cells circulating in it aid in growth and healing.

The main cells of the blood are red blood cells, white blood cells and coagulation cells. Platelets, which are clotting cells, stop bleeding caused by an injury and form a protective layer that prevents bleeding from continuing. This protective layer also helps the wound to heal. This feature and power of the coagulation cell has been used in many medical fields.

Plasma-rich fibrin (PRF) obtained from our blood is used in the repair of sinus lift and bone disorders related to implant treatments in dentistry surgery. There are many substances in PRP that accelerate healing.

Tissue Growth Hormone-Rich Fibrin (PRF)

” With PRF produced from blood in 10 minutes, it is now easier to repair and enlarge the gingiva and bone.”

Daha Çabuk İyileşme Prf

1- Blood is taken from the patient to create PRF material

2- With a special medical centrifuge machine, blood turns into platelet concentration.

3,4- From this concentration of platelets, white blood cells and membranes rich in blood vessel enlarging agents are produced.

5- Then these membranes are placed on the patient's area that needs to be healed.

6,7 – These parts, consisting entirely of the patient's own body substances, accelerate wound healing, bone growth and help the graft (artificial bone) to settle.

Most specialitys of the PRF:

  • Accelerating the healing of tissues

  • Accelerate stopping bleeding

  • Non-toxic

  • The immune system does not react because it is obtained from the patient's own blood.

PRF is obtained from the patient's own blood and is therefore a natural healer. PRF is obtained in the clinic with a special centrifuge device and is applied immediately.Thus, as a result of all intraoral surgical operations, recovery times are shortened and patients regain their health more quickly.

0212 231 32 92

0533 950 60 95