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Aesthetic Teeth

One of the most striking and directly visible places in our social life is undoubtedly our teeth. That is why the interest and interest in aesthetic teeth is increasing day by day.

With the developing technology, dentistry has advanced quite a bit about aesthetic teeth. Physicians can make a huge difference even with small touches. As such, the number of people who want to have aesthetic teeth has started to increase rapidly.

Your teeths are not your destiny

Living with bad-looking teeth that make a person unhappy is no longer destiny, and broken, missing, sparse, yellowed teeth that limit one's freedom are now history. Thanks to aesthetic teeth, people can easily reach the image they always want to have. Aesthetic dentistry, which includes many applications such as smile design, gingival shaping, teeth whitening, dental implants, gives people the freedom to smile and speak comfortably.

One of the most important reasons why the aesthetic tooth attracts so much attention is that it provides the person with a natural appearance away from artificiality.

Problematic teeth, far from aesthetics, are one of the most important factors that cause people to restrict themselves in their social lives. Trying to hide their teeth all the time, needing to cover their mouth with their hands while smiling directly affects social relations and has negative effects on the psychology of the person.

Anyone who is disturbed by the appearance of their teeth can easily have perfect teeth with the treatment planning made by the dentist after the examination. The most important issue here is the compatibility of the person and the dentist. The building blocks of aesthetic dentistry are that the person clearly expresses what he or she wants to have, and that the doctor understands and guides the patient correctly. With the treatment planning prepared specifically for the person with different applications and materials, the person can leave behind the problems that bother him and achieve the image he dreams of.

Estetik Diş

The way of youthness passing through aesthetic teeths!

As people get older, wear on their teeth, loosening around the jaw and wrinkles begin to appear. The teeth may appear less than before, and gingival recession may occur. This is one of the biggest reasons why a person looks older than they are.

Aesthetic dentistry is of great importance at this point. Thanks to the teeth suitable for the mouth and face structure that the dentist will design specifically for the person, the person can have a much younger appearance in an instant.

Element of the self reliance: Aesthetic teeth

Self-confidence is one of the most important things that lead people to success in life. People who are aware of this, first of all, want to get rid of the things that make them unhappy and lower their self-confidence. Since the road to success and happiness passes through self-confidence, starting work with a sincere and perfect smile will be one of the best steps to take.

Aesthetic teeth come into play here and it gives the person the opportunity to achieve the desired appearance, making them feel much better. Thanks to the methods that the physician can easily apply, he eliminates the problems in the teeth and gives the person back the lost smile.

Don’t miss your beauty

The biggest complement to beauty is our teeth. Aesthetic dentistry provides great convenience to the person here and helps the person to reach perfection.

How beautiful we look is directly related to how well we laugh. Our teeth, which are constantly in view, attract much more attention than is thought.

If you do not have symmetrical teeth that are compatible with your face, lips and chin, it means that you do not have the golden ratio of beauty. Thanks to the technologies it has developed, aesthetic dentistry can easily reach this golden ratio. In this golden ratio, which is the key to looking good, the alignment of the teeth, their shape and color, and their harmony with the face and jaw should be fully ensured.

It should not be forgotten that the greatest complement to beauty is a good smile and healthy teeth. As a result of aesthetic dental treatments, depending on the oral and dental health of the person, the procedure can sometimes be completed in a single session.

Aesthetic means naturalness

The main purpose of aesthetic dentistry is to ensure that the person has healthy and natural-looking teeth. By keeping the oral health, wishes and expectations of the person in the foreground, the most suitable tooth shape is selected for the face and jaw structure, and treatment planning is made.

The most important issue here is to move the person to a natural look away from artificiality. It is not enough for the veneer to be compatible and symmetrical only with the teeth. It should look like a natural tooth with its surface features and light reflection. At this point, aesthetics almost turns into art.

Teeth should attract attention not with their faults, but with their perfection. A well-made design instantly moves the person to a younger, more refreshed and attractive appearance, while providing relief from aesthetic concerns with natural-looking and healthy teeth, the person will have a perfect smile.

Estetik Diş
Say good bye to smile that lose it shining

Many factors such as tea, coffee and acidic beverages that we frequently consume during the day can cause the teeth to turn yellow and wear over time, or rotten and missing teeth can distort the shape of the mouth and jaw of the person. Such reasons damage the self-confidence of the person and inevitably cause him to exhibit shy behaviors in social environments.

It is absolutely necessary to cover the mouth with hands while hesitant to speak or laughing. It is very easy to get rid of this situation, which affects the psychology, success and social relations of the person, thanks to the applications that are not very difficult, mostly painless, contrary to popular belief.

Aesthetic dentistry, which has made great progress in today's technology, solves all kinds of problems that disturb the person by enabling people to easily achieve healthy and beautiful-looking teeth that they dream of. In this way, it helps the person to reconcile with himself by renewing his self-confidence along with his teeth, and plays a major role in regulating his social relations. Aesthetic dentistry, which includes many different applications, restores the lost shine to the person.

Don’t be scare to smile

Teeth that disturb the person when looking in the mirror can be corrected much easier than it is thought. People who are not satisfied with their teeth are afraid to smile in public. However, the most beautiful accessory of a person is a good smile. The person should not deprive himself of this and should definitely apply to the dentist and say goodbye to the image that bothers him.

Thanks to the developing applications, smiling freely, without shame and without hesitation ceases to be a dream and brings the person to a brand new look. The desire to be happy is the most natural right of a person. By taking advantage of the opportunities of technology, a person can easily reach the golden ratio in his teeth and continue his life much more happily.

It should not be forgotten that a good smile means happiness.

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