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Smile Design

Smile Design; It consists of studies to design the most ideal smile for you, meeting your aesthetic and functional needs by combining dentistry and art for a natural, healthy and attractive smile.
Thanks to the new technical materials used with the development of modern dentistry, many aesthetic expectations of the patients are met. Today, with this treatment method offered to us by aesthetic dentistry, countless patients can easily have more beautiful teeth.

After the smile design application, the patients have a tooth structure suitable for facial symmetry. Of course, the patient can also determine the new tooth structure during the application.

It has also been observed that patients who lack self-confidence due to the bad appearance of their mouths after this treatment regain their self-confidence. It is observed that the number of patients who are more at peace with their new.

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It’s not dream of having a good appearance for yours!

GOne of the first things that comes to mind when talking about beauty is a good smile. The shape, structure and harmony of the teeth directly affect the social lives of the people. One of the benefits of aesthetic dentistry is smile design. According to statistics, people with a perfect smile are more successful and self-confident in all areas of life, especially in business life.

Smile design, which is the method most often used by people with a problematic tooth structure, is a method that can be easily applied by meeting with the doctor at a common point in line with the expectations and wishes of the person.

The most important thing to consider in smile design is that the teeth are in harmony with the patient's facial expressions and jaw structure. A smile design, designed and made in the hands of competent people, allows the person to have a noticeably better appearance. The important thing is to decide on the right treatment method suitable for the patient. At this point, it is of great importance that the patient clearly conveys the communication, wishes and expectations with the physician.

The main goal of the smile design is to ensure that the patient has a smile that is compatible with the mouth and skeletal structure and will make the person happy in a way that is proportional to his/her face.

A good smile design that is compatible with the face and has a golden ratio requires different applications for each patient. According to the needs of the person, many things such as the length of the teeth, the level of the gums, the color of the teeth, the distance between the teeth and the lips are taken into account. After the applied procedures, people get the magnificent smile they dream of.

How long does treatment process ?

In today's conditions, while people are trying to catch up with life in an intense pace, one of the most curious issues about smile design is the treatment period. The duration of the treatment planned for the individual may differ. Depending on the structure of the mouth and teeth, sometimes the treatment ends in a single session, while you may need to undergo several sessions of treatment depending on the situation.

Before going to the design phase, the dentist examines the patient and determines the existing problems. After the tooth alignment and oral health are provided, The design is carried out in a way that is suitable for the person. In other words, the duration of treatment is completely related to the oral health of the person.

You have excellent appearance with the smiling desing

Dark areas should not form in the mouth. When we smile, our back teeth should also be seen in a certain ratio. If it is not seen, dark areas occur in the corners of the lips that will disrupt the aesthetics. In front teeth, the crown length of the teeth (the part seen in the mouth) should be larger than the width, and the golden ratio should be provided between them. Tooth color is perhaps the most important detail in smile design. Our teeth are never one color. It must be made in more than one color and transparent shadows.

Smile Design is a form of treatment that people who are generally not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth resort to in order to look more visually beautiful. Smile Design treatment is not just a procedure applied to the teeth. Although the complaints are mostly from the appearance of the teeth, the gums are also a factor that greatly affects the visuality of the smile.

Receded gums, stained and dark-colored gums, even gums that appear too much when smiling (gummy smile) are among the issues that patients complain about. In aesthetic dentistry, when the human face is considered as a whole, treatment is applied based on how the appearance of the teeth and gums changes the face.

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Perfect smiles have some rules

Although the most important thing in smile design is the wishes of the person, there are rules for a perfect smile. First of all, the gingival level should be compatible with the lip level and the tooth alignment should be smooth. It is not enough just to have symmetrical teeth. At the same time, the golden ratio should be captured with the mouth, jaw structure and face shape of the teeth. Here, the opinions and recommendations of the dentist are of great importance. At the same time, it should not affect the person's facial expressions.

Capturing the golden ratio in smile design is very important in terms of getting the teeth that the person dreams of and wants to see in the mirror. In addition, many features such as the patient's age, gender, character, and social status are among the issues that must be considered by the physician before proceeding to the design phase.

What are advantages for the person ?

The most important advantage of the smile design will undoubtedly be to increase the self-confidence of the person. Apart from this, the teeth and gums look healthier, the person gets a shining, flawless smile and has teeth suitable for the face type.

It can be applied in line with one's own expectations without causing any problems. The aim here is to eliminate the aesthetic problem that disturbs the person and to eliminate the social phobia it creates in the person. People who have a smile design do not hesitate to smile without aesthetic concerns, unlike before, and they have all kinds of problems in their mouth treated during the smile design process. As a result, they have both healthy teeth and a perfect smile.

Be younger with the desing of smile

As people get older, changes occur in their facial features. Wrinkles and loosening in the mouth area begin to appear. After this relaxation, the teeth may become less visible and this causes the person to look older than they are. When talking about gingival recessions, missing teeth, situations that directly affect smile and self-confidence may be encountered.

In this case, one of the most important things to do is undoubtedly the application of smile design. With this application, missing teeth are completed, gingival problems are eliminated, and a younger look is easily achieved with a personalized design.

How to do treatment ?

Porcelain laminate veneers are thin porcelain leaflets that are prepared in the laboratory by removing the minimum tissue at the enamel level from only the anterior surfaces of the teeth and adhered to the teeth in the second session. Their adhesion capacity on enamel is very high and therefore they are long-lasting restorations. However, it is recommended to avoid the act of snatching hard foods. The laminate veneer procedure is carried out in the following stages:

At your first appointment, the design suitable for you is determined on the teeth in 3D with mock-up work. This study is very important in terms of creating a decisive template for the physician, patient and laboratory technician. In the second appointment, the wax work prepared in the laboratory is rehearsed on the teeth and necessary arrangements are made. With local anesthesia, the required amount of tooth enamel is etched for veneer preparation and the tooth preparation is completed. Afterwards, measurements are taken and temporary veneers are temporarily adhered to the teeth.

Gülüş Tasarımı
Need to know

Today, with the development of dentistry and aesthetic dentistry, it is much easier and effortless to get the beautiful smile that patients complain about the most. When we talk about a beautiful smile, we think of teeth, gingival harmony, the golden ratio between the teeth, the arrangement and colors of the teeth, and the harmony with the lips.

Prof. Dr. In Ömer Kutay's clinic in Nişantaşı, smile design is applied to patients of all ages. With these applications, patients have much healthier, beautiful and clean teeth. The first appointment in smile design is the appointment to talk to patients. At the first appointment, the patient's expectations are listened and the jaw and dental x-rays are checked. It is decided to take the photos and models before starting the treatment, to identify the patient's problem, how to solve it, and to talk about the treatment options and what to do.

Your teeth shine like a star!

Today, worldwide, it has started to attract great interest to take advantage of the possibilities of technology to eliminate aesthetic concerns, look younger or feel completely better. Although the perception of beauty varies according to the person, cultures and social differences, everyone agrees that the most important thing that complements beauty is a good smile and proportional teeth.

Therefore, people began to show greater interest in smooth, unbroken, spotless teeth. The fact that people who are afraid of their smiles experience dissatisfaction with themselves is now on the shelves. Anyone who wants to have a perfect smile in today's conditions can benefit from the opportunities provided by dentistry.

Don’t be scare to smile!

People's reluctance to laugh, feeling the need to cover their mouth with their hands while laughing, is an indication that the person has beauty concerns about himself and lacks self-confidence. The most common method used by people who complain about such situations is smile design. There is nothing that makes a person feel good and beautiful like a perfect smile that shines when looking in the mirror. For this reason, the number of patients who knock on their doctor's door for smile design is increasing day by day.

Patients mostly do not hesitate to apply for this application, anticipating the advantages that the smile design will provide for them. The smile design gives the person self-confidence and makes them look better, and also regulates their social relations by making the person happy when they look in the mirror.

It’s easy to smile freely!

It is entirely up to you to be able to laugh freely, without shame, without hesitation, without covering your mouth with your hands, and not to deprive yourself of this magnificent smile. With today's technology, it has become easier than you think to get the teeth you miss. All you have to do is to design your smile by meeting with a dentist who will understand your wishes and expectations, and whom you trust. By taking your ideas, your doctor will adapt the smile that suits you best according to your mouth structure and will make you shine with your smile.

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