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The implant is artificial teeth roots that are often made from titanium, which are placed in the jaw to ensure the function and aesthetic of the missing teeth.

It's the best alternative to function and aesthetic of natural teeth. One of the major problems that have been caused by dental loss, the meltdown in the jaw bone is being halted by implants today.

Implant treatment is the closest treatment to the real tooth.

It brings a natural look on your face when it provides a better conversation and chewing function than traditional hull and prosthetics. It is considered the most important development of dental medicine in the 21st century.


Implant In A Day

Implant in one day means you leave with your new tooth by having an operation on the day you come to our clinic. This treatment is a special solution offered by our clinic to patients who are told to wait for months.

As it is known, the process of this treatment varies from patient to patient, and in some cases, this process may take longer. Implant patients considering this treatment should research this issue at least as much as the prices of the treatment.

Diş takma işlemi nasıl yapılır?

How does treatment process work ?

How does the treatment process work? An implant is a prosthetic element that acts as a tooth root made of titanium placed in the jawbone. Although the implant operation is a practice that scares most patients, the reason for this fear stems from not knowing how the procedure is done.

Today, the treatment is completely bloodless and seamless. Implant and prosthetic dentistry Prof. Dr. Ömer Kutay has been carrying out successful operations in this field for more than 30 years. Today, Ömer Kutay, whose reputation is also known abroad, carries out successful studies in the field of implants. The videos prepared by our clinic about implant making will also help you to explain that the treatment process is painless. Watch this.

Diş Hekimi Prof. Dr. Ömer Kutay

Dentist Prof.Dr. Ömer Kutay has been serving patients of all ages in his clinic in Istanbul Nişantaşı since 1992.

Many years of experience in areas such as implants, zirconium and metal supported prostheses, laminate, teeth whitening, permanent teeth whitening, smile design, aesthetic dentistry, tooth filling, root canal treatment, wisdom teeth, oral diseases, gum diseases, oral surgery. has experience.

Ömer Kutay treats the edentulous cases of many foreign patients as well as domestic patients in his clinic. Today, our team treats patients from many countries. The diversity of the cases encountered and the degree of difficulty positively increased the quailty of the expertise

Prof.Dr. Ömer Kutay

Benefits Of Implant Treatment

Dental implants are the process of placing artificial tooth roots made of pure titanium into the jawbone. Implants act as prosthetics or bridge legs. Thus, missing teeth are completed functionally and aesthetically, providing a natural appearance.

  • Installing new teeth on the same dayIt is ideal to install temporary teeth on the same day, if possible, after placement. In order to do this, first of all, the bone type must be hard and the implants must be placed with a primary stability of 30-35 N. The biggest advantage is that the patients start to chew soft foods the next day without any teeth.
  • Attachment of permanent teeth 2-3 months after treatmentIf the hardness of the implanted jawbone is low, it may be necessary to wait 2-3 months with temporary teeth before permanent porcelain teeth are made. In this process, temporary prostheses that do not apply pressure on the implants are made so that the patients are not toothless until the permanent teeth are made.
  • Enlargement of the bone bed before treatment and insertion of new teeth 4-6 months laterIf the amount of bone to which the implants will hold is not sufficient, prosthesis may take up to 6 months in cases where we have to enlarge the bone bed where the implant will be placed with bone graft before placing the implant.

Single Tooth Implant

tek diş implant

Contemporary Implant Dentistry, Carl E. Misch

Implant And Natural Teeth

implant ve doğal diş

Contemporary Implant Dentistry, Carl E. Misch

Whole Mouth Implant Prosthesis

Tüm ağız implant

Contemporary Implant Dentistry, Carl E. Misch

To whom can it be applied ?

Dental implants are one of the best ways to rehabilitate missing or damaged teeth. Patients can renew a single tooth, several teeth or all their teeth with implant treatment. Dental implants, which are surgically placed in the jawbone, function like natural teeth in terms of both aesthetics and use.

Dental implants provide patients with a functional and aesthetic advantage more effectively than traditional prostheses. In this way, patients regain their old self-confidence and smiles..

Favorable age for treatment

Dental implants can be applied to anyone who wants to have a new tooth with a permanent solution instead of missing teeth. However, since bone development has not yet been completed, it is not applied to young patients (generally under 18 years of age).

Those with sufficient bone width

In order for dental implants to be sufficiently robust and permanent, sufficient bone width should be obtained in the area of the missing tooth. One of the first checks your dentist will make when starting treatment is whether your bone width is sufficient. If the width of the bone is not sufficient, the bone area where the dental implant will be applied is expanded and made ready for treatment with the method called grafting.

Those in good general health

Those with diseases such as gum disease, high blood pressure, diabetes are suitable candidates for implants as long as they are kept under control. Patients with important diseases that require continuous medication, especially those with problems related to the immune system, should definitely notify the dentist of their condition. Such patients should be treated in coordination with their doctors.

Those who want to have an implant instead of a prosthesis

Those who can't use their removable prosthesis can imitate implant prostheses, holding 2-4 implant palate prostheses tightly, holding them tightly, very comfortable to their old prosthesis.

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