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Implant Prices

Although implant prices are the most searched word by patients with edentulous and gum disease, they should not be in the first place in terms of importance.

The main thing in this treatment should be the process of treatment, the quality of the products to be used in the treatment and the experience of the dentist who will perform the treatment. Those who want to have implant treatment should have sufficient and correct information about the treatment.

Someone who understands the treatment and its stages correctly can evaluate the price analysis of the treatment more accurately. However, a person who channels the prices without understanding the treatment process will not be able to make a correct assessment of the price, because the treatment process determines the price of the treatment and may differ from person to person.

İmplant Fiyatları

Factors that specify implant prices

  • Experience for dentist
    The experience and knowledge of the dentist who will perform the implant treatment determines how good your treatment will be. Good treatment means getting rid of your complaint very quickly and not complaining about the same situation in the future. In return for such an approach, the fee charged by your dentist may be higher. It should be seen as a good investment.
  • Suitability of jawbones
    People who do not receive implant treatment for a long time after losing their tooth experience bone loss in the missing tooth area. When there is bone loss, bone augmentation is performed before the necessary implant is placed. This is a simple but costly procedure. It also means an additional waiting time for the patient. Implant treatments performed immediately after tooth loss therefore save the patient both time and cost advantages.
  • Brand of using implant
    There are more than 550 implant brands in the world. Those who have received approval from authorized institutions successfully combine with the bone and the treatment is successful. There is not much difference between brands in terms of technology or materials. The important thing is the support and continuity provided by the brand. For example, it is very important that the implant parts used in the treatment of patients are delivered to the physician quickly when necessary.

Detailed information about implant prices

Pointing out that the reason why the treatment is expensive today is not the implant itself, Prof Dr Ömer Kutay says that the most expensive thing is the patient's negligence and being late.

Because the duration and cost of the treatment increase in a delayed implant treatment. Therefore, the first thing that patients should do is not to neglect the implant treatment.

This is an important information that should not be forgotten; It is absolutely necessary to undergo a dental check-up every six months. Thanks to these controls, most diseases can be resolved with early diagnosis and treatment at much less cost.

Prof.Dr. Ömer Kutay’s Youtube Channel

Is implant treatment expensive?

The most expensive thing in implant dental treatment today is certainly not the price. The most expensive thing is tardiness and negligence. If the treatment is delayed, the total cost of dental implant treatment increases.

It may not be very accurate to say whether this treatment is expensive or not. Because, as we mentioned above, this type of treatment may differ from patient to patient. Our recommendation is to see a dentist and be examined before entering the price research and to enter the price research as a result of this examination.

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Implant prices in 2022

Prices in implant dental treatment should be calculated in 2022 as in the previous year. Implant prices, which are affected by exchange rates, continue with a small increase compared to the previous year.

Price is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to implants. Implant prices are the most searched words by implant patients. Although we say that it is necessary to research not the price, but the dentist who will make the implant, it has become natural for people to wonder about the costs of the treatment due to the economic situation we are in.

Although it is more important than the prices, less attention is paid to the dentist who will make the implant at the beginning of the most important factors to be considered in implant treatment. Because the knowledge and skill of the dentist performing the application is to create the quality of the implant. A dental implant should be made once if possible and used for a lifetime. This is appropriate, although not for every patient.

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