OCTO Morse Taper Dental Implant System

OCTO Morse Taper Dental Implant System

OCTO Morse Taper Dental Implant System; OCTO system is a new patented implant design which has a higher success rate in terms of osseointegration. It’s special design especially facilitates the implant restorations and applications. OCTO system have manufactured as two-piece implant without abutment screw which ensure to apply immediate or early loading directly in the mouth without laboratory transfer. While the osseointegration obtained by the rough surface technology ensures earlier loading possibility, it demonstrates optimum compatibility to hard and soft tissues. The implant surface obtained by the abrasive blasting and acid etching methods provides micro-roughness size about 1-4 micron. OCTO implant fe4r possesses a system which its success has been proved in the implant superstructure by means of its screwless two-piece morse taper implant-abutment connection.
OCTO implant system is used in different restoration forms given as below.
  • Fixed implant-supported restorations with cement retention. For example: Complete ceramic and metal-ceramic restorations
  • Removable implant-supported prostheses. For example: OCTO-link atachment and bar attachment restorations.
The ability of providing the esthetical expectations with OCTO implants depends on the protection of the integrity of both hard and soft tissues. Furthermore, the expectations of the patient are encountered using proper clinical approaches according to the vertical bone loss and the implant platform level. The importance of the experience in the esthetical success should not be ignored. The gingival emerging profile ensured by the healing caps are compatible with the abutment emerging profile in OCTO implant system. In case of necessity, modifications can be done, for an enlarged emerging profile, on the temporary or fixed restorations with pre-planned surgical techniques and laboratory cooperation.

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